Matters of Matter
    Conceptually, so-called "modern scientists" are hamstrung in their visualization of the nature and shape of the universe.  Due to their acquired prejudices, conditioning and other influences tending toward (or actually within) the subconscious, they literally don't allow themselves to see how this universe is constructed.  True, they've achieved an appreciable span of knowledge thus far.  However, this observation has to do with their ability to take what they've learned and see the forest and the trees.

     The major flaw in their conceptualization is their inability to at last let go of the idea there is such a thing as what they call "matter".   In so believing in this matter they are forced to, by their own logic, then have what they call "energy".   The one requires the other to achieve the balance their conventional sense requires.   In fact there is no matter in the universe, as there are no objects.  The universe wherein is contained what they refer to as quantum and Newtonian, actually consists of vibrations.  The variety contained in this universe is achieved through variations in wave length, frequency and amplitude, combinations of which are infinite.  Being able to conceptualize this then makes apparent there is no density - thus matter.  This is but the illusion borne of human perception.

     The question they should be concerned with is this:  Is there a medium required within which this vibration must occur?  And, of course, the relationship between electro-magnetic force and gravity (which thus far has received little to no serious attention) must be understood.  Nucleic force, whether weak or strong, need only be considered should atoms be present within this "universe", as this universe can exist as it is not containing atoms, or any of the what we call elements.  Seeing the universe not as space expanding and filled with objects, but as an engine which produces something is where western civilization fails to make the connection between what their physics studies reveal and the solved puzzle.

     This probably shouldn't be very surprising as this something this engine produces is the human intelligence that is trying to comprehend it.  For so-called scientists to realize the universe isn't a random event with random occurrences within it, but rather is an engine designed to generate sentient beings with evolvable intelligence would be trying to imagine a model of which they are a part.  Their realization that there are no individual, isolated constellations of vibration, rather all existing within the bounds of this universe is indeed interwoven together will again open up their science of physics and break through the dead end where it has found itself.

     Of course, the game of vying to achieve name recognition and that Nobel for Physics will prevail and objective conceptualization will not occur for such is the competitive nature of western civilization.  Each physicist on his own intends to at least try to win; a problem more difficult than establishing the nature and form of the universe.
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