Cambio Net, in the internet game since 1998, is marking our 25th year.  In this short time we have tried to keep thought provoking content on our site.  We don't ask anyone to agree with what we say here, but it would be nice if at least some new thought was applied to the handful of subjects we see as significant.

Life is like piloting an airplane.  It's hours and hours of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer panic.  Our times have radically shifted over the course of the life of this website.  We have not only tried to keep up.  We have tried to lead the thought into directions we see logic and common sense require.  As we head toward our quarter-century milestone, you can bet we'll be continuing in this same vein.

Above all else, we hold dear the right of freedom of choice and the principal of majority rule.  We advocate.  We advocate that you should advocate, too.  It is only after thorough discussion we can be confident in making as close to the correct choices as possible.  This is our duty to ourselves, and others.  This is our social contract.  Stay on top of it.