Contemplation of the way of things on this, the lowest time and space frame our consciousnesses can occupy as truly intelligent, cannot help but be a productive use of the time we have to dwell here.  Such contemplation, observation and appreciation ably augment the knowledge we gain by our experience here.  For, after all, ultimately our time here teaches what we are, and what is the nature of this reality within which we reside.

Upon grasping these truths we then pass onto a successive realm possessed of its own nature and conditions.  There, our education continues.  Long will you be a student of existence.  Therefore bear in mind there is no end to a beginning.  There is no resolution.  These concepts were ingrained into you by your cultures.  They do not accurately reflect the nature of the course of your being.  The nature of this course will reveal itself to you as it unfolds before you.  There is no destination to rush to.

Dwelling in synthetic environments, surrounded by manufactured items, deprives you of the sensory input required to gauge and assess the level of existence you now occupy.  A great misfortune interpreted as a great accomplishment by your people are the massive urban centers your organizing principles require.  These remove their occupants from their contact with the nature of their reality and thus their natures of themselves.

It is no accident, or random chance, you find yourselves on the planet where you now reside.  Its mountains, oceans, rivers and valleys, it's forests and deserts, swamplands and estuaries, too are not created by random eventualities.  The role temperature and water play as the engine of life bespeak an engineering of a kind your species can but contemplate and appreciate.  Your education in the way of yourselves and your reality is dependent upon your access to these things.  These, and not the creations of your randomly sprawled culture, are what you must comprehend.

Fail in this and you will be lost to yourselves.  As a result this nature will be as unforgiving to you  as you are to the things you consume to sustain your own lives.  It is the architecture of existence, and not the will of some emotionally upset supreme being from your stories and legends.