Being alone in this world is not an easy thing, and it is said to be an unnatural condition for your species - a social species.  However, human intelligences are of a dynamic nature which is lost upon the vast majority of people, so they cannot be expected to properly exercise the various aspects of their beings.  This could be a problem for an aspirant of truth.  People tend to drain energy, for instance, rather than provide it.  They also occupy the consciousness in a promiscuous and undisciplined fashion.  This, in turn, tends to consume time best spent in other ways - time which cannot be regained.

They also consciously and unconsciously make demands of the presence of others.  The very nature of the corruption of your world is the fact your time and attention are not being spent in productive ways.  Seating your consciousness in the center of your highest aspect of being is intensely productive, as from this vantage point it is easier to discern how to best function within your time and space frame.  Without this, all efforts expend energy and time of life randomly and by happenstance.

Be assured there are others engaged in this same effort.  It may happen that you might chance upon someone.  It may happen you may think you have, but are mistaken.  Do not let this journey become a burden to you.  Do not let your expectations of others become a source of disappointment to you.  It would be nice if all the faces you look upon shone with the inner light of realization.  However, if this were the case, then your world would not be corrupt as it is.

When engaged in discovery of truth the world, and the reality it occupies, are a source of much joy and delight; much surprise and wonder.  If someone reflects this to you, then be glad of it.  If someone does not, be cautious.  Be mindful of accessibilities and the potential for untenable distractions.

It is true also that in the material time and space frame nature can be brutal.  This brutality is most solidly expressed in the predator/prey order of survival.  You, yourselves, require the consumption of living things in order to survive.  All living things are consciousnesses, and even the plants themselves share this trait, so it is impossible to sustain your body without engaging in brutality in some form.