You seem to be struggling my little ones.  You seem to have lost any sense of your place within existence.  It is such a shame this is so.  It is such an irony as well, for the very features which characterize you are the ones which create your confusion.  How can this be so?  It is in how you use them.  It is well, for they are there, so your struggle can be easily ended.  This is a source of the greatest hope, for your present struggle is so destructive to you, those around you and the world in which you live as to engender fear - a very unpleasant condition.

All life possesses a certain degree of self-awareness.  However, not all life has the capacity to question this self-awareness; to place it under scrutiny.  That you can do this presents the possibility, as with all things, that this scrutiny may be overdone.  Looking outward is significant as well so, too much introspection is a possibility.  Another feature to this is the ability to judge what is perceived, including oneself.  However, my little ones, you haven't nearly enough experience or knowledge to accurately judge yourselves in relation to the greater reality in which you reside.  Further, you are woefully inadequate to the task of predicting your relationship with yourself, others and existence.

Intellectually this may be disappointing, and even for some a point of despair.  However, what is cannot and should not be changed for the sake of soothing a distorted perspective.  Rather, other virtues of the mind should be drawn into play, the most significant of these being patience.   The concept of forbearance, especially for yourself and others like you, should find itself a useful place as well.  For, as the budding flower does not yet know the glory of its full bloom, you are far too young to draw conclusions about the reality in which you exist where it pertains to you.