Oh my children, what news I bring to you within this realm of time and space.  Though your senses insist you dwell in the all-there-is, beyond the scape of your globe exist dimensions within which your consciousness may also dwell.

Err not in the beliefs fomented upon you by the many religions your peoples have generated.  Over their times a purpose these have served.  Yet, in defining the parameters of reality they fall short.  Even so, these rituals, tenets and laws were not intended to yield up such definitions.  Therefore, they have not failed.

Time requires we now acknowledge the nature of our beings, after millenia of evolution, includes a self possessed of an eternal nature.  To realize this nature and become the beings which then result can be achieved only by exercise of will; freely-made choice.

You are not intended to live lives of anonymous futility.  Even as the thrust of your people's history has forced upon you an existence defined by winning and losing in some imagined contest foisted under the guise of life's natural struggle, the true and actual state of being which is the fruit of long evolution remains available to you.

Long have I dwelt among you with certain knowledge of a realm beyond even the Heaven, or Paradise imagined by the teachings of your cultures.  Painfully I have watched your ambivalent wanderings, following those who you are told possess a knowledge not theirs to hold.  I've seen your quiet, internal desperation as the nature surrounding you does not reflect the lies they claim is truth.

Yet, the nature of this reality cannot forgive, or overlook decisions made in confusion, as the carpenter cannot forgive the poorly driven nail, and overlook its corruption of his creation.  Hasten, therefore, to discover the truth of your nature within yourselves.  You are what you are despite what anyone may say.   You are available unto yourself from the highest dimension.  Greet yourself there.