Half Life

Half my life without you.

I can't believe the feat.

The peril of darkness

might have been fatal

without your light so sweet.


A sixteen-year old boy

first heard your voice

heralding approaching ruin,

striking to the heart -

signifying the choice.


The message direly echoed

defying deafened ears,

my spirit was not dampened.

Rather, it soared;

rising to meet the coming years.


Singing a missive true

the view from above.

How could we sink in fear

or fall beneath sorrow

when sung by purest love?

The Canyon Calls

The night keeps beggin' the moon

to stick around. Don't go so soon.

'Cause it knows who'll be around

walkin' the streets of Lonely Town

thinkin' of you.  It knows

it'll never get over the emptiness.

It's that kind of tune.


The typhoon tells the sea,

"Be careful now.  Again, it's he

sailin' your waves - breathin' my wind,

wonderin' why didn't it begin

without a chance to even end.

He carries a sorrow much deeper

than you'll ever be."


The canyon calls to the river it holds.

She sings proud. She sings bold.

"You wear me down making me rise,

perfectly contrasting the skies,

only to be swallowed

by the ocean in the dead of night

so very deathly cold."