I just dropped back

into the government hack.

It won't stay, I came to find,

in the forefront of my mind.

Now and then, as fate would have it,

appears a digital bunny rabbit

where but a moment ago

stood a Conan warrior bro.


Heavy dudes say,

"Keep focus night and day.

Mister Man is on your case,

so don't relax your resting face."

And, no matter how much I type

there only appears digital tripe.

(I do wish life was something more

than utterly easy to ignore.)



does not count, you see.

(You knew the entire time.)

No dough? No show. No rhyme.

With no substance behind the me

why spy on nothing to see?

Let them track my strokes;

their punchline to the joke.

Sold Out

You sold us out;

you and all your friends -

your buddies who

all agree with you.


You sold us out

to the ones who

wanted to own us.

Now they do

because of you,

and everyone like you.


You sold your children,

your grandchildren,

and their children.

And, they'll remember.

Oh, yes they will.

Facts will kill the lie.


Now, look at you

acting like it isn't there,

acting like it isn't what

it looks like,

acting like it wasn't you.

But, it was. And you know.


You sold us out.