Reaching that self of which I speak requires a journey not unlike the one you've been on your entire life.  However, there is a destination which is substantial in a way quite apart from your experience thus far.  Properly done you will find yourself requiring conditions which caution has placed far to the back of your consciousness, such as trust and unfettered expressions of love and appreciation.  These, of course, are accompanied by a sense of vulnerability which is seen to be unwise to reveal within your current world.

Green Peas With That, Turkey?

    I once volunteered for a prominent environmental group, at their Atlanta headquarters.  I figured I'd do some door-to-door fund raising with what time I had free, so I went down and signed up.  It was simple enough.

     Contemplation of the way of things on this, the lowest time and space frame our consciousnesses can occupy as truly intelligent, cannot help but be a productive use of the time we have to dwell here.  Such contemplation, observation and appreciation ably augments the knowledge we gain by our experience here.  For, after all, ultimately our time here teaches what we are, and what is the nature of this reality within which we reside.

     Being alone in this world is not an easy thing, and it is said to be an unnatural condition for your species - a social species.  However, human intelligence is of a dynamic nature which is lost upon the vast majority of people, so they cannot be expected to properly exercise the various aspects of their beings.  This could be a problem for an aspirant of truth.  People tend to drain energy, for instance, rather than provide it.  They also occupy the consciousness in a promiscuous and undisciplined fashion.  This, in turn, tends to consume time best spent in other ways which cannot be regained.