"And, we understand him well
how he comes o'er us with our wilder days
not measuring what use we made of them."
-Henry V, Act I, Scene 2-
They arrived amid electro-static, nuclear bias confusion.  The original intent regarded humus-engendered cognition as a primary causal factor.  Caco-phonic interference rapidly degenerated significance, splaying radiant responses, these fraying with degenerative impulse.

Disregarded contingencies heightened downward devolutions presiding sentiently amid indefinable vortexes resulting in miscarried interpretations assigning untenable contortions petitioning for resolution.  Emergent reductive reactions heralded alarms unheeded by incipiences.

Partially modulated upwelling declared.

Welcome to what you'll find is a well of imagery and observation.  Cambio Net is nothing if not provocative.  The disagreeable will find plenty of fodder for their habit.  Debaters may find entrenched views with openings which are illusory.  The topics are weighty yet not burdensome.  The scent of doom is everywhere.  Though, as in all things, hope springs eternal.  Likelihoods, on the other hand, are a different matter.  So, as Laurie Anderson says, "Sit upright in that straight-back chair.  Button that top button."  And, get ready for
some munificent paucity.