"The winds of change may blow around you, but that will always be so."
(In The Light, Robert Plant)

     Oh my children, what news I bring to you within this realm of time and space.  Though your senses insist you dwell in the all-there-is, beyond the scape of your globe exist dimensions within which your consciousness may also dwell.

In matters of taste, there can be no dispute
De gustibus non est disputandum

Taste (sociology) "...an individual's personal and cultural patterns of choice and preference."
Thus sayeth the Wiki on it.

     If the ideas of aesthetics and beauty are purely subjective, and one opinion is as good as another, is there a standard, or even method by which creative products can be assessed in terms of quality? When someone says, "This is a good book," basing this judgement solely on a personal reaction to having read it, does this make it a good book? If one book sells a million copies, but another sells only a dozen, does that sales superiority in and of itself make the million-selling book a better book than the only-a-dozen sales book? Furthermore, if there is no basis for such judgement, and there is no standard for quality, what is the point of an art, writing, dance or music education? Why bother if any expression anyone does with any art medium is defined as art, with no standard of whether it's good art, or poor art?

     I'm just going to be straightforward about this and not try to couch anything in brilliance or cleverness - wordsmithery.  I've been alive since nineteen fifty-five, and I've paid attention, especially to the people I've encountered along the way to this present.  For, what is this universe but a very elaborate and interesting machine with no purpose were it not for the life which results from its machinations, and especially the sentient life which can then observe this machine as it does what it does?