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     Twenty years ago Cambio Net came into being.  Long before the commercialization of the internet, long before the advent of so-called "social media" we the first to populate it saw it as a means where at last, if all went well, pretty close to everyone could finally speak up on whatever subjects, issues or events were affecting their lives.  If humankind ever owed something for their prosperity it owed the ability for everyone who knew something about something to be able to speak up and add what they knew to the greater collection of knowledge thus allowing us to make as good a decision, and so achieve the best possible outcome whatever the matter might be.

     Times have changed, though.  What once began as a vehicle to openly share knowledge and views has been over run by profiteers, be it for money or power, or both.  The technology which lends itself so magnificently to this evolutionary ideal of more input of intelligence when considering humankind's problem or issues, has been subverted by the ego-riding vulgar as well.  Criminal enterprises parading as national governments are at this moment assaulting the internet with a blizzard of bots and malware for the sole purpose of negating the value of humankind's possible unifying using it as a tool in order to divide and conquer.

     Cambio Net will not recede in the face of this obstruction.  CN does not stand alone in this.  There are those who will persist in trying to pull the internet back into the beneficial form its inception once promised, though all of our efforts might be in vain.  Eventually humankind will wrest their institutions from the hands of the corrupt, and history will note and remember how we lost our way in a time we once called The Information Age, which has now devolved to the Age of the Troll turning this fine invention into a tool for the dishonest and disingenuine.

     Times being what they are, CN cannot open up the data transfer function of a web site anymore.  We all know why that is.  We know it so well when I say you won't find "https" in our web address, you know precisely to what I refer.  However, understand that "s" isn't necessary as we aren't putting cookies on your machine.  We aren't using any web technology to interfere with you or your browser.  We are putting articles up here to provoke thought, and internal debate, and also to put words before you should you need them when it falls upon you to fight the good fight.

  Thanks for stopping by.  We hope you appreciate our offering, and remember that age-old adage:  It's always darkest before the dawn.  I will try to continue to put new content up, but eventually even I have to run through everything of any use that has crossed my mind.  May that time for you be long into the future.

Stephen A.
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